Homebase Home Inspections 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

Most builders will offer a one-year warranty on a new home. However, Homebase Home inspections will come out to your property on the 11th-month and perform a full assessment of your property before the warranty expires.

Homebase Home inspections will inspect the visual condition of the property at both the interior and exterior of the property with all of its components such as roof, drainage, attic, water heater, and AC unit. We will then generate a report following the inspection. The report will have photos and will be identifying any material defects found during the inspection date. With the inspection report generated, the homeowner can take any necessary steps to hold the builder and his subcontractor to their warranties before it expires. So give us a call at (813) 766-8549 or email us at FLHomebaseInspections@gmail.com and see how we can help you get the most out of your 11th-month warranty.

Homebase Home Inspections

Homebase Home Inspections have been imparting their extensive knowledge and expertise for residents in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as the surrounding areas in Central and Southwest Florida. Homebase Home Inspections understand the importance and significance of your investment, so we deliver service value just as we would to ours.

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